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11 December 2023 - 15 December 2023 2023 AGU Fall Meeting

2023 AGU Fall MeetingFor more than 100 years AGU has been opening science—opening pathways to discovery, opening greater awareness to address climate change, opening greater collaborations to lead to solutions, and opening the fields and professions of science to a whole new age of justice equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. This year, an expected 25,000 attendees from 100+ countries will gather in San Francisco for the 2023 AGU Fall Meeting. The theme is: Wide. Open. Science.

ASR scientists: Share your 2023 AGU presentations. It’s a simple process to ensure that your abstracts are easily promoted to your colleagues and DOE program managers.

Plan your time at AGU: See the ASR presentations that have been shared so far for the December 11–15 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California

17 January 2024 - 19 January 2024 Polar Amplification of Climate Change Across Hemisphere and Seasons: Causes and Constraints Workshop

Bringing together Arctic and Antarctic scientific communities to elucidate the asymmetries in the polar responses to anthropogenic climate change and identify actions to reduce projection uncertainties.

January 17-19, 2024 in Boulder, CO and virtual

The aim of the Polar Amplification of Climate Change Across Hemisphere and Seasons: Causes and Constraints Workshop is to bring together researchers studying Arctic and Antarctic climate change from observational and modeling perspectives (ranging from paleoclimate to climate change projections) to cross-pollinate and forge new collaborations that accelerate our understanding of polar amplification.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  1. identify knowledge gaps and deficiencies in model diagnostics that limit our understanding of climate change in both polar regions;

  2. prioritize these knowledge gaps as areas for future research;

  3. identify strategies, tactics, and data needs (e.g., process studies, collaborative modeling activities, satellite missions) to address the identified knowledge gaps;

  4. identify candidate observational emergent constraints on key polar amplification  processes; and

  5. identify steps for enhancing community collaboration.

November 2: Abstract deadline

December 15: In-person registration deadline

January 12: Virtual registration deadline

27 January 2024 - 27 January 2024 American Meteorological Society Short Course: Open Science in ARM

Open Science in the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) User Facility: Connecting State-of-the-Art Models with Diverse Field Campaign Observations. Within this tutorial, participants will gain a broad understanding of the ARM User Facility, the open data available to the community, the data workbench that allows data-proximate-computing, and science overviews of two ongoing model-observation intercomparison projects. This will be suitable for a broad audience of atmospheric scientists, bringing together both observations and simulations, as well as deep and shallow convection.

Course agenda

28 January 2024 - 1 February 2024 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

The AMS Annual Meeting is the world’s largest yearly gathering for the weather, water, and climate community. It brings together great minds from a diverse set of scientific disciplines—helping attendees make careerlong professional contacts and lifelong friends while learning form the top people in atmospheric sciences.

April 12: Session proposal deadline

August 24: Abstract deadline

December 1: Early bird registration deadline

14 April 2024 - 19 April 2024 European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2024

The European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly 2024 brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

January 10: Abstract Submission Deadline

March 18: Early-Bird Registration Deadline

6 May 2024 - 10 May 2024 American Meteorological Society’s 36th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

The AMS Committee on Tropical Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones serves as an authority on tropical meteorology and tropical cyclones for the Society and is the communication channel for the Society with the national and international organizations for tropical meteorological and related activities. The general functions of the committee are to stimulate research activities in problems of the tropical atmosphere and its relationships to other parts of the atmosphere-ocean-earth system represented by other committees, to encourage the exchange of ideas and information, and to promote the application of acquired knowledge to operational problems related to the Tropics.

Please consider submitting an abstract to the session on Modeling and Parameterization of Moist Convection Across Scales. Abstracts are due December 6, 2023.

December 6: Abstract deadline

April 1: Hotel reservation deadline

April 19: Registration deadline

17 June 2024 - 21 June 2024 International Radiation Symposium 2024

The International Radiation Symposium (IRS) is jointly organized by the School of Earth Sciences at Zhejiang University (ZJU) and the International Radiation Commission (IRC) of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS). IRS 2024 will provide a comprehensive international platform for presenting and discussing recent research achievements and technological developments in the field of atmospheric radiation.

Abstracts are currently being accepted for the following sessions:

  • Topical Union Session: Current Problems in Atmospheric Radiation
  • Radiative Transfer Theory and Modeling
  • Particle Radiative Properties
  • General Remote Sensing
  • Ground-based Measurements and Field Observations
  • Radiation Budget and Forcing
  • Weather, Climate, and Environment Applications
  • Solar UV Radiation
  • China’s Satellite Remote Sensing Programs
  • Radiation Science in the Tibet regions

January 15: Abstract Submission Deadline

January 15: Early-Bird Registration Deadline

May 15: Registration Deadline

23 June 2024 - 28 June 2024 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 21st Annual Meeting

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) was established in 2003 to promote geosciences and its application for the benefit of humanity, specifically in Asia and Oceania and with an overarching approach to global issues.  AOGS holds annual conventions providing a unique opportunity of exchanging scientific knowledge and discussion to address important geo-scientific issues among academia, research institution and public. Recognizing the need of global collaboration, AOGS has developed good co-operation with other international geo-science societies and unions such as the European Geosciences Union (EGU), American Geophysical Union (AGU), International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), Japan Geo-science Union (JpGU), and Science Council of Asia (SCA).

January 2: Abstract Submission Deadline

March 12: Early-Bird Registration Deadline

14 July 2024 - 19 July 2024 19th International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP)

The 19th International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP) will be held from July 14 to 19, 2024, in Jeju, South Korea. We welcome presentations on a broad spectrum of topics in clouds and precipitation, including, but not limited to, cloud and precipitation physics, aerosol and cloud chemistry, cloud dynamics, and cloud electrification.

Additionally, there will be three workshops held prior to the conference, and one short course held afterward:

  • Cloud Modeling Workshop (July 11  to 12, at Yonsei University in Seoul)
  • Cloud Probe Workshop (July 12 to 13, at the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences (NIMS) in Jeju)
  • Cloud Chamber Workshop (July 13 to 14, at NIMS in Jeju)
  • Short Course on Radar and Cloud Physics (July 20, at NIMS in Jeju)

January 22: Abstract Submission Deadline

April 30: Early-Bird Registration Deadline

June 30: Registration Deadline